A Look At Our Day

We had another wonderful day at school today. As always, it was great to see the language skills, math skills, social skills, problem solving skills, collaboration, and independence evident through play.

Outside this morning, many children visited a different area in the forest, and this led to some new experiences for students: including climbing trees. It was great to see children taking some safe risks, and also reflecting on these experiences. There were lots of sticks in this area of the forest, and collecting sticks also led to a math (measurement) opportunity, as well as some letter-making and word explorations outside today. It was great to see children supporting each other so much out in the forest this morning. We’re lucky to work with such amazing kids!

Inside, many children were intrigued by the bin of newspapers, and eager to do some ripping in preparation for our paper mache project. While we anticipated that this might be a calming choice for some kids (very self-regulating for some kids and adults 🙂 ), we didn’t anticipate the literacy opportunities that would come from this. It was so interesting to hear children comment on what they saw (and read) in the newspapers. Reading can happen anywhere!

Mrs. Crockett also introduced the students to floor plans this morning, and some started to create some of their own. This led to a great opportunity to read and write, while also exploring shapes and measurement (in design). We want to look at some more floor plans tomorrow, and really have children think carefully about layout and what belongs as part of their structures. 

Writing continues to be a popular option in the class. It’s great to see how children find different reasons to write: from writing letters to writing stories, and even making birthday cards. We try to tailor reading and writing instruction to individual students and needs: making next steps align with these needs (as you can see in the tweets and Instagram posts).

Parents that brought their kids to Before Care wondered if we were having a Beach Day as they saw me blowing up the balls and water rings. No, it’s for paper mache. Brayden thought we needed a Roger’s Centre to go with the CN Tower. Can you see it?! I showed how to rip the newspaper for the paper mache, and Brayden came up with a theory about following the lines. Then Milla made us a “no touching beach balls” sign. Sounded out the words on her own. She has such a great understanding of letter-sound combinations. Curious to see how this paper mache evolves today. A great sensory opportunity! Will it be self-regulating? When the internet was down this morning and children came into Before Care crying, I found the ripping of newspapers very calming. An adult’s @self_reg is important too! SWIPE ⬅️ FOR MORE. #teachersofinstagram #iteachk #ctinquiry #selfregulation

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@janetraymond invited children from both Kindergarten classes to join her over in “Zone 3”: the mini-forest today. Many students went, so I went over there as well. While I was there, W. came to get me, as he was concerned since his friend J. was upset. When we went to investigate, J. was happy again. He actually tried something new for the first time today: climbing a “mini-tree.” He did it a few times, but one time, he got stuck. Not to worry though. His friends were there to support him, he wiped his tears, and he got out. Then he chose to reflect on the situation later, learn from it, and celebrate trying something new! ❤️❤️❤️ Best of all, he made it back through the trees again a few minutes later with many more friends. Success!! ❤️❤️❤️ SWIPE ⬅️ FOR MORE. #teachersofinstagram #iteachk #ctinquiry

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Mya was on a writing roll today. She started by drawing a picture of her with her sister and her grandparents. She spelled her name and her sister’s name by memory — identifying the letters as she did so — and then we worked on the initial and final sounds in “grandma” and “papa” (I tweeted out a video of this). Then she drew a picture with her sister and Mrs. Crockett. As @paulacrockett noted, “Mya drew me a picture today. I asked her to label all the people in it. In the video she reads her work back to me! At the end of the day I couldn’t find my picture. Mya said “don’t worry I put it in your bag for you” ❤️❤️❤️ What I also love about her picture is her math thinking in it. The people are proportional. Notice as she comments in the second video about her own height. ❤️ SWIPE ⬅️ FOR MORE. #ctinquiry #iteachk #teachersofinstagram #engagemath #art

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Then Brady, Wyatt, Joshua, and Brayden got into doing some design plans. The one for the Roger’s Centre was great, as we’re looking at making it out of paper mache. Brady and Wyatt really worked on their house plans. Reading the words back to me allowed us to focus on letter-sounds and how to change sounds to make new words. I also worked with Wyatt on using syllables to help with sounding out longer words (tweeted out this video). As they finished their plans, Wyatt and Brady also began to build their houses. Wyatt noted how the plans are similar to the ones his mom does, but she focuses more on designs. As @paulacrockett mentioned at the end of the day today, this might be a great way to extend this building and creating space. ❤️ SWIPE ⬅️ FOR MORE. #teachersofinstagram #iteachk #ctinquiry

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Two children did some writing captured here today. L., a JK student, has a few familiar words and many random letters in her story, but has a great story to tell. I suggested she go back and draw some pictures to go with the text. We can then look at labelling some individual words. She can listen for sounds in these small words. The other child decided to label her book, “Everything.” This JK student was about to write “Ev” and then “th” for “thing.” I suggested that she think of the word in syllables to help with writing. She did this, and figured out “every” and “thing” on her own by sounding these words out. Now to have her tell me the story tomorrow and begin adding more text. ❤️ SWIPE ⬅️ FOR MORE. #ctinquiry #iteachk #teachersofinstagram

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At home tonight, take a photograph of a mess that your child makes. How does he/she organize (sort) his/her belongings? How does he/she clean up the mess? Maybe even consider making labels for bins, and discussing the math involved in sorting the belongings. We would love to see and hear what your child does. Cleaning up is something we’re always working on, so this will definitely help … and has an added literacy (oral language, reading, and writing) and math connection!

Have a great night! See you tomorrow!

Aviva and Paula