A Look At Our Day

We had another wonderful day at school! It was really cold out this morning, so we weren’t out quite as long as usual, but students still found lots to discuss and explore outside. Once again, it was great to see the language skills, math skills, social skills, problem solving skills, collaboration, and independent work evident through play. It was actually Ben’s F stick in the forest that led to some great brainstorming of words together in the classroom, and a closer look at really listening for sounds versus letters.

Visual arts continued to be a way that students expressed themselves today, and they really looked at line and design in their artistic choices. Students are definitely communicating through The Arts. There were also a lot of math connections with art, which was great to see. Marble runs are also popular choices, and lead to a lot of math thinking and problem solving. We’re going to add a few different materials tomorrow to change up the marble run creations and get the students to use items in different ways.

I went over to the sensory bin today, and noticed that it was time to interrupt the play. I brought up @passionatelycuriouseducators’ blog showing the machine in the sensory bin. Brayden saw it and said, “That’s what I think we should do!” He looked at it, and drew a rectangle for one of the openings. I had to help him cut because the cardboard was so heavy. When he worked on the next cardboard cutout, he problem solved, and used a pencil to poke holes in it. Then he made the opening. Ben watched him, and used the same approach when the rice got stuck. He thought a bigger opening would help. They worked on putting together this little machine today. Our hope is to reflect more on how it works tomorrow, and then make changes and additions to the machine. SWIPE ⬅️ FOR MORE. #ctinquiry #teachersofinstagram #iteachk

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When we met as a class this morning, we looked at how to create the same number in different ways. Jo Boaler, a mathematician, speaks about the value of using fingers for math. Our quick finger game this morning really got students talking math and subitizing around the eating table today. Try playing a similar game at home, in the car, or before bed. Really get your child to discuss his/her math choices, and try to create the same number in different ways.

Have a great night! See you tomorrow!

Aviva and Paula