The Final Round Of VIP

Hi Everyone! We realized that we do not have enough time left in the year — it’s so hard to believe — for everyone to have another individual VIP time. That said, we’d like to continue with our routine (kids and adults love and need routine) and still do a little something special each day. Here’s what we decided.

  • Everyone’s name is going to be entered into a hat (or an equivalent).
  • Each day, we’ll pull two different names.
  • These two students will be our VIPs for the day.
  • They will get to share their thumb up, thumb down, and/or thumb sideways experience with the class. Everyone loves doing this sharing each day, but we never have time to hear everyone’s thoughts. This way, each child will know that he/she will have a special turn to share his/her thoughts and feelings with the full group.

You do not need to prepare for this VIP at home. To help though, talk with your child about his/her thoughts and feelings regularly. What makes him/her happy, sad, scared, excited, etc.? Even if children can’t name their feelings (and sometimes feelings are complicated), sharing what is on his/her mind is important. Some people share orally, some share through pictures or stories, and some share through their actions, but all of this sharing matters. We find that even when we only pick some friends for the “Thumbs Up, Down, or Sideways” activity, many children still share with us or with their friends later on. The same will be true with this VIP, but now each child will know that he/she will get a special sharing day before the end of June.

We’ll start this last round of VIP on Monday, June 4th. Thanks for your support with this!

Aviva and Paula