A Look At Our Day

Hi Everyone! We had another wonderful day at school. As always, it was great to see the language skills, math skills, social skills, problem solving skills, collaboration, and independent work evident through play.

In Kindergarten, we expose students to many different skills, and we often teach specific concepts in small and/or large groups (e.g., counting skills, reading skills, social skills, etc.). We love when things start to click, and students become more confident learners, demonstrate skills that they didn’t have before, and attempt new things. We saw this so much today: whether in attempts to write and/or read different words, play with letter-sounds in new ways, or count objects that they couldn’t count before. Some different next steps are highlighted in the Instagram stories, but it’s great to also see this growth as part of these stories.

We reflected today on our holiday door designs, and the children continued working on them in class. Talk to your child about these door designs. What could you make at home to add to the door? Consider possible words and pictures to add. Maybe make something together as a family to send in with your child. Talk to your child about where he/she might put this on the door or as part of one of our holiday displays (e.g., the back bulletin board). We’d love to get a family voice in these spaces.

Have a great night! See you tomorrow!

Aviva and Paula