A Look At Our Day!

Hi Everyone! We had another great day at school. As always, it was wonderful to see the language skills, math skills, social skills, problem solving skills, collaboration, and independent work evident through play.

Some days are full of terrific surprises, and today was one of those days. From the Leaning Tower of Pisa (snow-style) to the incredible LOL doll house made out of paper to the cylindrical beadwork box (made out of paper) to the story of THE LOST UNICORN to the more confident readers to figuring out how those Swiss Cheese Boards really work to those children that got dressed and undressed on their own, we really do need to celebrate all of these surprises. With the holidays coming in just over a week, school can start to feel stressful: for kids and for adults. It makes our hearts happy to look back and see these many moments of great. There’s a lot to celebrate! Now to continue this momentum and build on this learning tomorrow. Check out the Instagram posts to see where we plan on going next.

Here’s an extension activity for the next few weeks. We continue to work on cleaning up at school. Cleaning and organizing spaces also provide great language and math opportunities, including counting, sorting, measuring, and labelling and reading labels (reading and writing). For the next couple of weeks, have your child work on tidying up spaces before moving to the next area to play. How can your child organize toys and materials to make this tidying up easier? As a special bonus, invite a friend or two over for a play date. Can your child clean up with his/her friends? How can they organize materials together? The social part of cleaning up is much harder, so this would be a fun way to play with some friends and work on some responsibility. We’d love to see what you do.

Have a great night! See you tomorrow!

Aviva and Paula