Board Calendars And Newsletter Note

To view our calendar of class and school events, please visit this link. This calendar is updated regularly.

Board Calendars

Elementary Calendar 2017-2018Elementary Calendar – Please note that all JK and SK students will begin school on Wednesday, September 6th.

Day 1-5 Calendar 2017-2018 Elementary Calendar 5 Day Cycle

Elementary Calendar 2016-2017 – Elementary-Calendar – Please note that all JK and SK students will begin on Wednesday, September 7th.

Day 1-5 Calendar – Elementary-Calendar-5-Day-Cycle

Days 2 and 5 – Phys-Ed, Day 3 – Music (Often Instructed In The Classroom), Day 4 – Library (Remember to return library books to get another one.)

Please have running shoes at school every day, as students are always engaging in physical activity, even if not in the gym.

Newsletter Note

Instead of publishing a monthly newsletter, we’ll share our learning with you daily on our blog. Check out this link to view these posts and see questions and ideas to help extend this learning at home. Please feel free to leave a comment with different activities that you’ve tried with your child or any questions that you have about the content shared.

Home Reading Program Note

Here’s the note about our Home Reading Program that we’ll be sharing with you on Monday. Each child will have a copy of this note in the red folder that comes home with each new Home Reading Book. Right now, we are looking for volunteers to help on Thursday morning and Friday morning. If you can help, please let us knowThanks for your support of this program!

Volunteer Preference Form

September Letter To Parents

This letter provides an overview of important information for the school year. Please let us know ( or if you have any questions about what’s discussed in here.

September Letter To ELP Parents