Board Calendars And Newsletter Note

To view our calendar of class and school events, please visit this link. This calendar is updated regularly.

Board Calendars

Elementary Calendar 2017-2018Elementary Calendar – Please note that all JK and SK students will begin school on Wednesday, September 6th.

Day 1-5 Calendar 2017-2018 Elementary Calendar 5 Day Cycle

Please note that Phys-Ed is on Day 2 and Day 5, Library is on Day 3 (only 15 children go to the library each week), and Music is on Day 4.

Elementary Calendar 2018-2019 – Elementary Calendar – Please note that all JK and SK students will begin school on Wednesday, September 5th.

Day 1-5 Calendar 2018-2019 – Elementary Calendar 5 Day Cycle

Newsletter Note

Instead of publishing a monthly newsletter, we’ll share our learning with you daily on our blog. Check out this link to view these posts and see questions and ideas to help extend this learning at home. Please feel free to leave a comment with different activities that you’ve tried with your child or any questions that you have about the content shared.

There is also an important note here with information about our daily timetable and class/school procedures. Sorry that this note is a longer one, but we wanted to make sure that you had all of this information before school starts.


Dismissal Note

Please read this important note about Kindergarten dismissal starting on Monday, November 20th.

Home Reading Program

Here’s information about the Home Reading Program beginning in October.


Holiday Play Songs

In this folder, you will find the script and songs for our holiday play. Please sing the songs at home each night, and even read through the script together. A few students have a couple of lines in the play, and Brayden will be our Santa Claus. All of his lines are included in the script. Thanks for your help with the play!