A Look At Our Day!

Hi Everyone! We had another great day at school. As always, it was wonderful to see the language skills, math skills, social skills, problem solving skills, collaboration, and independent work evident through play.

Print really seemed to capture our kids today. Azeem began by printing the first letter of his name in the snow. Then pretty soon, a large group of kids noticed other letters and words in the snow. What ones could we form? Inside today, this interest in print transferred to noticing and reading logos on various clothing items. As Mrs. Crockett spoke to the kids about what they observed, she thought of a great home extension activity for the long weekend (see below). The printing outside also made us think of another one.

Students also expressed themselves in many different ways today. From their oral discussions to their artwork and building, there was a lot of thinking and even some storytelling as part of the process. Many of their creations inspired writing, and some kids even began to expand on their writing. You can see some next step suggestions as part of the specific Instagram posts. We want to.build on some of these creations in class next week.

See the weekend home extension activities in the Instagram posts below.

Have a great long weekend! See you on Monday!

Aviva and Paula

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