A Look At Our Day!

Wow! Today was truly an incredible day. When the weather was too cold for us to go outside today, we were a little unsure of how things would go, but it was AMAZING to watch the kids settle into play. We were able to observe and extend some fantastic thinking and learning. Once again, it was great to see the language skills, math skills, social skills, problem solving skills, collaboration, and independent work evident through play.

The Build-A-Baby Store continued to be a popular option today, and students moved from measuring and creating clothing to creating a catalogue of outfits and advertisements for their creations. This will lead us next week into exploring money amounts for clothes. What’s reasonable? What’s not? What might a deal look like? This is a nice way to work on number formation (as students print the prices) and recognition of various numerals.

Students also continue to express themselves through visual arts. Lots of artistic problem solving was at play today, especially as students added to our collaborative rainbow art piece. We plan on adding some loose parts to this painting next week, and seeing how students use them. We also listened to the Turtle Island creation story, and this inspired some of our artwork, as well as some story writing (and retelling).

Lego City continued to evolved today, and students there also used reading and writing as part of play. Lots of dramatic play and storytelling happened with the Lego people. Next week, we’re adding some foam blocks to this space to see how the building and stories change. We also put some brown butcher paper on the wall near Lego City with the hope of continuing to link dramatic play, building, reading, and writing.

There was also some interest in the sensory bin, and the movement of water. Students began to experiment with movement (really a look at gravity), which they’re also experimenting with thanks to the marble run. Next week, we’ve added a few new tubes to this space to help extend this interest in movement. So many great opportunities here to share theories and use new vocabulary. 

A longer time immersed in play led to a lot of wonderful today! Take some time on this cold weekend to play inside together. Let your child direct the play. How might you embed some reading? Some writing? The addition of some math vocabulary? Or even the addition of some new vocabulary through this play? Let us know what you do. We’d love to hear more!

Have a great weekend! See you on Monday!

Aviva and Paula

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