Construction Work

Next Steps??

After our Burr Problem experience from the other day, we decided to continue to focus on developing problem solving skills (and in some different students). This happened more today, especially thanks to the questioning from Mrs. Crockett. We want to continue to build independence in problem solving, and thought that this might also happen if we extend this interest inside. We’re going to make some small changes to classroom design to allow for some of this ramp building in the classroom, but with a few different material options. Hopefully the thinking from outside can extend inside, and with even more independent problem solving. 

Mrs. Crockett also figured out a very meaningful way to work on developing literacy skills through this play. She used her iPad to bring up some Google images of construction signs, and students spoke about what these signs mean. There’s reading comprehension evident here. We thought that we could develop these reading, writing, and comprehension skills in the classroom with the use of signs that align with the signs people would see at construction sites. This may even change some of the signage that students are already creating in the classroom: moving from a “no” or “don’t touch,” to something more meaningful. As we bring materials into the classroom, and involve parents in visiting some construction sites and reinforcing the new vocabulary connected with them, we’re excited to see how this learning progresses!

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