A Stick Alphabet

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Next Steps??

Just like the Construction Work investigation today, this one also links with developing problem solving skills in children. Not only was I able to question students and support them through some problem solving, but students started to support each other. We want to continue to develop these skills, and move to more independent problem solving as well.

The children were also beginning to think and talk more about the letters, in terms of letter-sounds in words, letter formations, and different ways to form different letters. It was great how this activity had an entry point for all children, but that we could also extend thinking based on where each child was at. We want to do this more next week, also exploring letter-sounds and combining sounds to read and write words, for those students that are ready to do so. This stick writing may be another way for children to write, and may even engage some children that are less interested in some other options. When our Reading Specialist Teacher comes in to support the class next week, she may want to use these sticks as a tactile way to explore letter-sounds with students.

Sticks can also be used to make other items, including possibly some connected to the indoor construction, as well as numbers and shapes. This could be a different way to explore various math concepts, and even get students talking more about math. Edward did this last year with the shapes, and that’s why I made the suggestion to him today. I thought that he might inspire different creations. He chose to explore letters today, but may choose something different on another day. We’re excited to see where this leads next!

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