The Stump Problem

This morning, I noticed a group of students over by the tree stumps. I went over to see them, and this is when I had a very interesting discussing with them about the new formation of the tree stumps. 

I made a suggestion about drawing a diagram and figuring out a plan for the stumps, and this is what Milla did. She also involved another interested student, Joshua, that wanted to design his own tree stump plan. 

Data management and interpreting this data came from this tree stump planning. I even conducted a mini-lesson on number formation.

Next Steps??

There are lots of possible next steps here. We could explore how the plan (and numbers change) if we added one more tree stump or took one away. Could we make all of the same shapes? What other options might there be? This a great way to have a closer look at shapes and shape designs. We can also move from creating shape outlines using objects to drawing them, and what they actually need to look like. 

Joshua and Milla only surveyed a small number of people today. Is this survey data enough to make a decision? We could discuss how many people need to be surveyed, and how they plan on surveying all of them. Then we could look more closely at collecting data. This is a great opportunity to discuss tally charts and graphs: finding out what they know and what they still need to learn. The actual surveying part provides lots of opportunities for social skills, and getting to know more students.

I’m interested in seeing what happens if I mention the tree stumps again tomorrow, and then depending on how they respond, extending the learning from there.

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