The Burr Problem

Last year, our students loved the little forest on the edge of our property, and the SK students were so excited to go back to it again this year. We didn’t go right away, but yesterday, Mrs. Crockett brought some students to the fallen tree. There was an unexpected problem though: burr bushes.

Based on some student responses to the fallen tree yesterday, and these big burr bushes, Mrs. Crockett decided to bring the problem to the class and seek out some possible solutions. 

Wyatt shared his experience from yesterday with the class, and inspired students to determine solutions to make everyone feel better (and safer) around this fallen tree.

Students shared their possible solutions in different ways. 

Next Steps??

It was interesting today to see which students shared solutions and which students were not as interested in solving the problem. What other problems might they want to solve? We’re also trying to get children to think even more about possible solutions. We’re getting them to expand on their ideas and consider what other resources we may need. Whether it’s with this problem or another one, we’re hoping to give the students lots of different authentic problem solving opportunities!

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