The Ship Titanic …

Last year, the students in ELP 2 inquired about the Titanic. Their interest in this ship extended to some children in ELP 1. Our library group last year included students from ELP 1 and ELP 2, and often the Titanic was discussed in this space. What’s so interesting is that this interest held on over the summer, and often dramatic play connected to boats and the Titanic happen outside. This is what happened today. 

Then when most of ELP 2 went inside today, ELP 1 used Emma’s Titanic, and even added their own components to it. Here is how the students in our class continued to use this ship.

Next Steps

Today’s creation and use of the Titanic included elements from all Four Frames of the Kindergarten Program Document. It would be interesting to consider extensions in some different areas over the coming weeks depending on if the interest in this topic continues.

  • We could look at photographs and videos of the Titanic and compare this design to the actual design. What’s the same? What’s different? How could the design change? Explore other outdoor and indoor materials to use for this boat creation.
  • Discuss how people make sketches/diagrams of creations, and consider how to do this for the Titanic. This could be a great way to discuss shapes and number of items (math), as well as make links to reading and writing (inventive spelling of the parts of the ship and using resources to read some of the words to help label the parts).
  • The singing on the boat made me think of some phonemic awareness songs and games. Maybe let students hear these songs again, and explore some different ways to experiment with words, create rhyming words, and even listen for sounds in words with the use of some songs on the boat.
  • Another student in ELP 2 made a structure today, and brought out some books to read on the structure. We could talk to the students about how people read on airplanes and boats, and then bring out some board books to enjoy outside. This could be a great way to develop different reading skills from sounding out words to tracking print to making up the stories based on picture cues. 

I’m excited to see what happens with the Titanic tomorrow.


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