ELP 1 – Mrs. Crockett and Miss Dunsiger


Welcome to our class! It’s the last day of school before the holidays, and we’re excited to be arranging the classroom, organizing the materials, and preparing for a wonderful new year. At the end of the summer, we’ll include a video tour here. We can’t wait to see how the room continues to change with the input from all of our students.

Have a great summer! See you in September! 

Paula Crockett and Aviva Dunsiger

Classroom Video Tour

Explanation of the Outdoor Classroom Space – Paula shares her vision!

2 thoughts on “ELP 1 – Mrs. Crockett and Miss Dunsiger

  1. My teaching partner and I would love to visit your classroom! Please email me and let me know if you’re up to having a kinder team come and visit you.

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